Translation English - German

Today you find an abundance of software and websites that translate your texts for you. Tempting of course, since you save a lot of time and money, receiving your translation at the click of a mouse. However, the results are mostly more than questionable.

A professional translator will not only make sure that a translation is orthographically and grammatically correct. He or she will adapt the text to the culture of the target language, taking linguistic peculiarities, stylistic demands and the intended readership into consideration. Thus, a good translation is not done word by word. Instead, the text is regarded as an inseparable whole.


It would be my pleasure to support you with a translation of your text from English to German. 

Text types

These are the text types I have the most experience with:


- websites

- advertising material

- cover letters

- resumes,CVs

- speeches, presentations

- correspondence


- theses and papers

- essays

- articles and publications

fields: linguistics, literature,




- letters, emails

- autobiographies

- family records

- speeches