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Subtitling & Audiovisual Translation

I offer the following types of subtitles:

intralingual subtitles

(video/audio and subtitles in German)

- dialogue subtitles 

- subtitles for the deaf and hearing-impaired

(Closed Captioning, SDH or HoH)

interlingual subtitles

(video/audio in English, subtitles in German)

- dialogue subtitles

- subtitles for the deaf and hearing-impaired

(Closed Captioning, SDH or HoH)


- feature films and series,

- corporate videos,

- documentaries and TV shows,

- e-learning videos, etc.

guidelines and standards

When subtitling your project, I adhere to your in-house styleguide, as well as to the current and accepted subtitling practices. I am familiar with various subtitling guidelines and established standards, e.g. :

- Untertitel-Standards von ARD, ORF, SRF, ZDF, NDR, MDR, Arte

- Qualitätsstandards für interlinguale Untertitel (AVÜ)

- A Proposed Set of Subtitling Standards in Europe (ESIST)

- Code of Good Subtitling Practice (ESIST)

- DCMP Captioning Key

- Netflix Timed Text Style Guide

- BBC Subtitle Guidelines, etc.


My subtitles and captions

- are frame-accurately timed,

- respect reading speed, scene changes, suspense, etc.,
- adhere to guidelines and established ST-standards,
- are logically and naturally condensed if required,
- are flawless, unobtrusive, tailor-made for the target audience.


Using state-of-the-art software (EZTitles), I can work with various file formats, like e.g. SubRip (.srt), EBU-STL (.stl), TTML, DFXP, WebVTT, SSA/ASS, PAC, VobSub, etc.


If you wish, I embed the subtitles permanently into your video, in accordance with your specifications regarding font and design.


The rates depend on dialogue density, complexity of the project as well as the required processing time.


I will gladly prepare a non-binding offer for you:

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